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Traffic control

Direct traffic where you want it for a safer and more secure workplace. Worxsafe is a leader in easy and smooth installation with a focus on customization to the specific case.


Prevent road users from getting on the wrong side.

Speed Bump

The interlocking Puzzle Bump speed bump is assembled on site, minimizing the need for heavy lifting. By interlocking the Puzzle Bumps you increase the weight, keeping the speed barrier in place and preventing it from being dragged or moved by traffic. With the interlocking connections, the entire roadway can be covered, and by using the X3s integrated attachment points in the connection part, traffic on the wrong side of the obstacle can be avoided.


With Worxsafe's Stormlox, we ensure that your signs remain firmly on the post when the storm has subsided, it is also much more difficult to steel the sign. The simple locking solution clicks easily onto Worxsafe - Plastic Posts that are available in lengths of 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m. Stormlox is also backwards compatible with the market's most common sign poles. 

Road sign system

Plastic posts, aluminum posts and weight holders for a complete system when you want to put up signs in and around your work plastic. 

Traffic management with products from Worxsafe 

Controlling traffic with suspension during road works is an important safety measure to minimize the risks for both workers and road users. By using demarcations, such as speed bumps, signs and steel pigs, you can create a clear and safe work zone that separates traffic from the work in progress.

In order to effectively manage traffic during road works, it is important to have a well-thought-out plan and use appropriate equipment and personnel. One should also take the traffic flow into account and ensure that information about the work and traffic diversions is clearly communicated to road users.

By having a well-planned and safe traffic separation when working on roads, you can minimize riskers for accidents and create a safer working environment for the workers. This is an important part of maintaining the safety of our roads.

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