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Karta över Worxsafes marknader


Our product development is based on requirements, extensive knowledge and experiences, from many customer projects in the Nordics and the rest of the of the world

Worxsafe is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures, and delivers products that make temporary workplaces safe, such as roadworks, construction and infrastructure projects all over the world. We are fundamentally an innovative company, where the needs and requirement from our customers are important for the development of new products.
Our customers guide our product development and help us identify the requirements and standards our products must meet. Based on the specification, we develop concepts, prototypes, and pre-series. We conduct extensive testing before the product is finally produced in one of our own production units.
In our production units, we manufacture larger volumes and customer-specific solutions in smaller series. With well-organized inventory management and high delivery reliability, our customers know that they always get the right solution at the right time, together with our qualified knowledge and support for each project.

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