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Torun city barriers redefining urban protection

Are you ready to revolutionize city safety and infrastructure maintenance? Meet Torun, the cutting-edge city barrier system designed to exceed all expectations. Torun offers unparalleled performance and versatility, making it the ultimate solution for urban environments.

One-step installation without ground anchoring
One of Torun’s most impressive features is its ability to link barriers seamlessly without any human touch or extra parts. This innovative design ensures quick and hassle-free installation, saving both time and resources. Say goodbye to cumbersome anchoring requirements, Torun’s free-standing structure provides stability and security without compromizing performance.

Redefining safety standards through unmatched crash-tested performance
Safety is paramount, which is why Torun is crash-tested according to EN 1317-2 standards in capacity classes T1, T2, T3, N1 with astonishing results. Trust Torun to withstand the toughest conditions and protect both workers and the public.

Seamless protection
But Torun doesn’t stop there. Its adaptable design allows it to follow the ground seamlessly, accommodating height
differences and uneven terrain effortlessly. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or uneven landscapes, Torun ensures consistent protection and peace of mind.

SS 7750-1 for pedestrian and bicyclist safety
The Torun System is designed and tested according to the regulations in EN-1317 and the newly released Swedish standards SS 7750-1, covering pedestrian safety for temporary fencing and barriers. It is meticulously crafted and tested to ensure compliance with regulations, specifically addressing pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Components for added functionality
But that’s not all—Torun comes equipped with multiple extra components for added functionality. Need to display signs, attach nets, or enhance visibility with reflectors? Torun has you covered. With its versatile design and customizable options, Torun adapts to your specific needs with ease.

If needed you can replace all parts
Torun is flexible where it matters. You can choose reflectors that suit your region. If the barrier get damaged, you can replace all parts, such as the barrier railing.

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