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Traffic bridges and passarelles

With Worxsafe's safety-rated active transportation & traffic bridges for temporary workplaces, you can easily create desired passages for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic.


Worxsafe passarelles are 1.3 m wide for good accessibility and are available in four different lengths. The passarelles are equipped with anti-slip protection, high footboards and sturdy railings.

  • Complies with BBR 3:122, 3:123, 8:2321 - Minimum width for handicap ramps in sweden.

  • Robust foldablerails with simple pin locking.

  • Profiled surface to reduce the risk of slipping.

  • Pre-assembled lifting handles.

  • Can be anchored in the ground.

  • Manufactured in anodised aluminium.


Traffic bridges

Worxsafe's powerful traffic bridges are designed and optimized to handle heavy loads despite the bridges' low weight. All bridges are BK-1 classified and meet the Swedish Transport Administration's load requirements in TRVK Bro 11.​  They are also calculated to withstand the loads of load specifications of CL-625-ONT.

Traffic bridges and footbridges from Worxsafe

Worxsafe modular and temporary bridges are a flexible and simple solution for temporary bridges on road and construction sites. Worxsafe traffic bridges consist of modules that can be easily assembled to the desired width. They are also easy to dismantle and move to another location when they are no longer needed.

These modular bridges are ideal for providing temporary access to workplaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. They can also be used to bridge obstacles such as roadworks, waterways and other terrain features. The advantages of modular bridges include their quick and easy installation, their flexibility in terms of length and width, as well as their ability to withstand heavy loads. They are also cost effective compared to building a permanent bridge for a temporary use. In summary, modular traffic bridges from Worxsafe are a practical solution to temporarily overcome obstacles and provide access to workplaces. Their flexibility, speed and simplicity make them a popular solution for construction projects and other temporary needs.

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